European Kickboxing Championships 2018: Patriot gym gets 2 gold and 1 bronze medals!

On October 20, the European Kickboxing Championships ended in Bratislava, in which 7 athletes of the Patriot gym as a part of the National Team of the Republic of Belarus participated:

- Alexey Vaureniuk
- Dmitry Filonchyk
- Alexandra Sitnikova
- Eugene Miahkou
- Sergey Shmargun

- Max Spodarenko
- Piotr Romankevich


As a result, three fighters reached the pedestal and won three awards:

- Sergey Shmargun – gold

- Max Spodarenko – gold

- Piotr Romankevich – bronze

Also Max Spodarenko awarded as the best K-1 fighter of the Championship.


The total result for the National Team of the Republic of Belarus: 5 gold and 3 bronze medals.